I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 45.

Summary of January 2019 stories 

Also, a 2019 summary already… “holy shit?!” is right.

It’s no secret Mike Rowe is a supporter of dairy farmers. Fun story about “Blanca” who was a “super model” with “notable assets” … I don’t wanna give it away, but this story is UDDERLY unique. If you don’t have Spotify, search for the episode where you listen to podcasts, Episode 121 of “The way I heard it” by Mike Rowe. Love this style of story telling… keeps you guessing until his end reveal of who/what the story is about!


“Eating healthy is so expensive.” I’ve Got Moos For You … it doesn’t have to be. 

“Dairy milk can help save you moolah! The average American household spends about 10 percent of their budget on food — nearly $80 a week for groceries, according to Milk Life. If consumers purchased milk each week, they would spend an estimated $628 annually. This is much lower compared to the $1,222 that would be spent on purchasing almond milk. In comparison, Dairy milk would save consumers nearly $600 each year!”


If Lil’ Bill can be born 7.9 pounds and make it, you can stick to your 2019 resolutions. I’m serious.


Byrne Dairy has big plans… $125 million kind of plans.

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced the groundbreaking of a $24 million expansion at Byrne Dairy’s Ultra Dairy plant — the first phase of the company’s $125 million plan to expand and create nearly 250 jobs in Onondaga County, N.Y.” Read more here.


8 oz of dairy milk or 38 oz of kale….. whatcha gunna choose?


Ever heard of the “Milkshake Guy”? Or do you live under a rock? (Or maybe you’re not in Pennsylvania, which would be fair.)

Learn about the man behind the most delicious milkshakes ever here.


Confused by food labels? Me too. Doesn’t sound like we’re alone! A lot of consumers are like, “wait, what?” When in the grocery store, look for real dairy products… the nutrient content of milk wannabes isn’t even close to the real thing.


She said it best… “The truth is if every American adopted a plant-based diet we would only reduce our carbon footprint by about 2%. But what people forget to mention is that with a plant-based diet we would have to increase the production of synthetic fertilizers.” New Mexico Milkmaid.


Chobani and their 2,000 employees have made yogurt and #dairy foods cool again over the last decade. Read how Hamdi Ulukaya turned it into a $1.5 billion dollar company.


Being kind is cool. Raising over $10k for food banks is no problem for this Dairy Princess trio!


I know what song I won’t be able to get out of my head now…. Watch the #TalkToMe music video here!


I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 44.

December 2018 summary of stories. 

Apparently, #cheesecoffee is a new (literally) hot trend… not sure if I’m on board with this one… are you?

Another point for dairy on the ‘healthy diet’ board. This time, in the land down undah! Check out this Mediterranean diet focused article promoting dairy in a healthy lifestyle.

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) is an organization that assists U.S. dairy farmers by exporting dairy products. In 2018, the group topped over 131 million pounds in export sales of dairy products. Sharing dairy love all over the world!

U-S-A! U-S-A! The U.S. might just be the best cheese makers out there… the 89 medals speak for themselves.

Turns out, people will do or say anything for fame… or the chance at a Netflix documentary about how their life became very, very strange #fakenews.

President Donald J. Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill. Also, Trump’s signature is the first time (since 2002) a farm bill has been approved in the same year that the previous farm bill expired. Woo!

Gelato vs ice cream, explained… you’re welcome.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently kicked off a 12 month donation plan to food banks. 12-15 million gallons of fluid dairy milk will be donated over the next year. Milk is the most requested, but least donated, food at food banks. This could help!

Harrison Phillips has a lot of accomplishments on his list, like playing in the NFL and drinking a gallon of milk every day. The Buffalo Bill’s defensive tackle swears by chocolate milk as his go-to recovery drink. He also announced his team granting $5,000 to an elementary school so they could ” expand the school’s breakfast program and enhance its physical education program.” What a guy!

The world’s best cheese, a very prestigious honor, is from a Norwegian farmer. With 12 cows. It beat out 3,471 fierce competitors from 41 other countries… how does one apply to be a judge?

Students at Mizzou (who has earned the nickname mizz-moo), if you’re not taking big life event/milestone pictures with a dairy cow, you’re the one doing it wrong… seriously.

No #sundayscaries here, just late night grilled cheese cravings. Nomz.

Early December was been buzzing with recent changes to school lunches… Secretary of Ag Sonny Perdue officially returned low-fat (1%) flavored milk as part of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast programs. Supporters are happy that kids are not only getting a nutritious add, but also a tasty one. National Milk Producers Federation is hyped.

Meat and dairy don’t sound too scary... this Canadian based article explains why they believe that you should include both in a health conscious diet.

Michigan State University charged $10 for 30 min on cow snuggling. Why? So students can de-stress during finals. While students are there they also learn about the school’s dairy cows at the Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center.

Self-doubt, defeated.

This article originally published in the November 25 print issue of Progressive Dairyman. You can also read it online, here.

It’s been very rewarding witnessing the impact this article has had on so many people reading it. If anything, I hope you’re inspired to take the time to better yourself, and to do what you need to do to live a kick-ass life!

Below is a little preview…

“I want to shout at the top of my lungs until you know this one great truth: you are in control of your own life!” Preach it, Rachel Hollis.

This was the wake-up call I needed. I realized I was ignoring the importance of my health mentally, physically and nutritionally. My funk was likely tied to my lack of sleep, stress, random workout routines and inconsistent diet. I was also convinced I wasn’t where I should be personally and professionally “at my age.”

This is something that bothered me to a point where it was affecting my happiness and my actions. Not anymore.


I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 43.

September through November 2018 summary of stories. 

Defeat your self-doubt and start focusing on self care. This is my latest (and most vulnerable) Progressive Dairyman​ HERd Management article yet… here’s a little preview:

“I want to shout at the top of my lungs until you know this one great truth: you are in control of your own life!” Preach it, Rachel Hollis.

This was the wake-up call I needed. I realized I was ignoring the importance of my health mentally, physically and nutritionally. My funk was likely tied to my lack of sleep, stress, random workout routines and inconsistent diet. I was also convinced I wasn’t where I should be personally and professionally “at my age.”

This is something that bothered me to a point where it was affecting my happiness and my actions. Not anymore.


I spent three days with bold, brave, and innovative thinkers who will no doubt ensure the dairy industry continues to be a staple in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle of our consumers. Great recap on the Dairy Girl Network​ National Conference here.


Science shows that global animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions … However, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret​ said 51% in their film, and later tweeted a correction (and it was still the wrong %). This blog breaks down the details.


Dwayne Faber is 1. Hilarious on Twitter and 2. A dairy farmer. His Twitter handle is @DFaber84 – if you do anything today, follow him. Don’t believe me, read this article.


Fair Oaks Farm founder Mike McCloskey wrote an article talking about how some food companies use fear over facts while labeling their products. Doesn’t sound like he’s ok with it. Read here.


The global population is simultaneously growing and wanting more protein in their diets. ‬

“Given the challenge of providing adequate nutrition for a growing global population, addressing the question of why we feed animals to feed human society is of principal interest.”

‪Here is an easy-to-read study on how animal ag contributes to society – nutrition, the economy & the environment.‬


If you like booze, dairy and puns… you’re gunna love this one. A distillery in Ontario distillery is producing vodka from cow’s milk and calling in #Vodkow and are using it to make you a ‘Moo-tini’ .. this is not a joke!


Country music heart throb Luke Bryan loves agriculture. Check out the latest farm tour he went on, that included a dairy farm. And by farm tour, that means he’ll hold concerts at actual farms.


Breakfast is a big deal… especially for kids to feel and perform their best in school. Dairy is an easy way to make sure that not only does breakfast happen, but that it’s incredibly nutritious, too. Read more here.


Jazzercising is great exercise. So good for you, people made a butter sculpture of cows demonstrating a few moves. Seriously. Check out this news article highlighting a really cool trend of butter sculptures make an appearance at Utah State Fair!


Pizza should be it’s own food group. Soldiers now have easier way to get their 3 servings of pizza a day. All thanks to innovative food products like this one.


Ice cream ain’t the same everywhere else. Learn how different parts of the world enjoy their dairy treats! 

Also, the Midwest of the US loves frozen custard. That’s a stone cold fact.


Kylie Jenner seriously has a calf named after her. Think she should go visit the farm? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!

The calf was named after Kylie had a life changing experience… she finally tried milk on her cereal for the first time. A dairy farmer in California established this monumental moment on social media by naming his next dairy calf (baby cow) after her. TMZ picked up the story. None of this is a joke.


They still haven’t found a way to live forever… but they are on track for helping us live longer. Apparently, it’s by eating cheese. Woo!


300 jobs in 3 years.. that’s something we can rally around. Michigan is making a $555 million investment in St. John’s. That project is “one of the largest dairy processing facilities in the country.” Woah. The Lansing Economic Area Partnership, more easily referred to as LEAP, is leading the project. LEAP President and CEO Bob Trezise sounds pretty pumped in this article.

I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 42.

August 2018 Summary of stories. 

*Humming to the tune of DMB* To change the world start with one step. However small, the first step is hardest of all… Ty Higgins small step was his #10GallonChallengeVideo that has led to more than 63,000 views and fresh dairy milk donations to food banks. Boom.

You can be lactose intolerant… and still receive the dairy nourishment your body deserves. #TrueLife #ImLactoseIntolerant

It’s hard to replace the nutrients you lose in your diet when ditching animal protein. Is it surprising that most people end up coming back to it? Mehh…

#LadyBoss The Farmer’s Wifee (@thefarmerswifee on #twitter) put together a list of 13 dairy farmers you should be following on #instagram – so you care about the food you’re putting in your body? Here’s a chance to virtually meet some of the hands producing it!

300 jobs in 3 years.. that’s something we can rally around. Michigan is making a $555 million investment in St. John’s. That project is “one of the largest dairy processing facilities in the country.” Woah. The Lansing Economic Area Partnership, more easily referred to as LEAP, is leading the project. LEAP President and CEO Bob Trezise sounds pretty pumped in this article. 

You call yourself a cheese head? Think again. Wisconsin took cheese board to a whole new level… 4,437 lbs. and 63 oz. later and they set a new Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Cheeseboard. Move over Netherlands, your 3,375 lbs. and 13 oz. has nothing on this new hostess with the mostest.

Got Milk? Apparently almonds do. Nut beverages tend to label themselves as milk, though there is no real dairy (or any mammal) milk in the products… except for a few batches of Vanilla Almond Breeze milk. Some of the product has been recalled because there may be *real* dairy milk in it. I’m going to let you all come up with your own word to describe this situation..

Innovative Greek yogurt? Count DFA in. DFA (Dairy Farmers of America) has invested in some new greek yogurt technology. See MOPRO Nutrition, which “is an all-natural, high protein, low sugar, whole milk Greek yogurt infused with whey protein combined with probiotics.” It’s also the first greek yogurt “infused with CFM whey protein isolate.” Confused? Don’t be. This article talks more about this dairy healthy food.

Animal agriculture, caring for the environment, feeding the world and farming can’t be summed up much better than this. “I think one of the big things I want people to realize is that while farming is who we are and what we do, our interest in society is not different than other people’s interest in society.” Mark Henry, Ohio Dairy Farmer. Read the rest of what he has to say in Dairy Carrie’s #HumansOfAgriculture post on Facebook.

What do you mean? Nestle is potentially in trouble, and are accused of confusing the shiz out of consumers about GMOs in food products. Like, lawsuit trouble.

Nobody recycles quite like dairy farmers. Never underestimate the “Power of Poo.

Do you pay attention to expiration dates? Cornell University research teams are looking into how we can make it more clear to consumers how long their milk is good in their fridge. Sounds like we may be prematurely throwing away food – oops. Nothing is official yet, but they’re looking into using two indicators ‘best-by’ and ‘sell-by’ dates.

I guess I’ll stop complaining about the rain… because some producers are dealing with serious drought issues. Water is muy important to raising livestock and crops because, ya know… that just makes sense. A drought makes that not so easy. Here’s how they’re dealing…

How aged do you like your cheese? 3,200 years? Turns out, Egyptians loved cheese too. So much, in fact, they took it to the tomb with them.

These cows have a zero tolerance policy for stealing cars. “A herd of cattle provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf!” Seminole County Sheriff’s Department. Full article here.

I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 41.

Trying something new – I’m posting stories throughout each month on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #IveGotMoosForYou – at the end of each month, I’ll do a recap of the stories I shared, and maybe even a few extra bonus features..

I’ve Got Moos For You – July 2018 Summary

Anybody got an extra van just sitting around? Amazon might need your help.

They launched a program that allows you and I to start our own delivery service… delivering for Amazon. Interesting. Remember how they bought #WholeFoods (for like… more than $13 BILLION moolas)? I wonder if they’ll expand this delivery entrepreneur pilot into the food space… if they do, I’m first on the list for chocolate milk delivery. More deets in this article.

Bettina and Henk were driving from their farm in Ontario heading to Vancouver, Canada on a “Canadian Milk Tour.” They had a tractor with a giant cow attached to it, promoting the Canadian dairy industry.

Don’t ever take a second of your life for granted. Too often we become complacent while driving. This is a sad story, but one that I am sharing to honor Bettina and Henk Schuurmans. I’ll be saying a prayer for Henk, that he recovers quickly and with as little pain as possible, and that he has the strength to make it through losing his wife, Bettina.
Be safe and pay attention, especially while driving. The lives of our loved ones depend on it. Read more here.

Farmers have come a long way since the (average) herd size of 25 cows in the 1970s.

They’ve also become more tech-savvy. Automation, utilizing big piles of data, keeping accurate and incredibly detailed records, cows wearing ‘fitbits’ so we can monitor their movement and health… that’s scratching the surface.

This ‘Salon’ article did a report on robots milking cows at the University of Connecticut’s Kellogg Dairy Center. Check it out.

Do you still, got milk?

The California “Got Milk?” campaign is getting a brand makeover. The campaign is now called “You Can Always Count On Milk.” Read more about it in this article. You can also see the campaign website here.


Shout out to Champs in Altoona, PA for having awesome pizza. As a waitress, I sold it to a lot of people, and increased dairy consumption while doing it. Thanks Progressive Dairyman for letting me share my story! The OG link is here.

I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 40.

Stuff I read about this week that you should care about 6/10/2018. June Dairy Month Special. 

Happy June Dairy Month!

June is a month dedicated to the goodness of dairy, and is kicked off by #WorldMilkDay on June 1. It all started in the year 1937, when June was originally dubbed as National Milk Month as a way to distribute extra milk during summer. They changed the name to National #DairyMonth two years later. This week I’ve listed article links I came across that highlight #DairyMonth activities, information and stats showcasing the positive impact the dairy industry has on our economy. Just know that I’m only scratching the surface of all the great dairy inspired chronicles out there. Enjoy!


  1. Celebrating National Dairy Month in America’s Dairyland
  2. “Farm Show in June” Celebrates Dairy Month and Pouring Milk Across the State for Families in Need
  3. Stats for Stories: National Dairy Month: June 2018
  4. Rep. Hebl: Celebrating June Dairy Month (Gary Hebl, Wisconsin)
  5. Governor Brown Recognizes Contribution Of Dairy Farm Families To California Communities And Economy With Proclamation Of June As “Real California Milk Month”
  6. Gov. Bevin proclaims “June 2018” as Dairy Month in Kentucky. (Feel good video!)
  7. June is Dairy Month (Missouri press release)
  8. Daybreak celebrates June Dairy Month (Video clip from a news broadcast in Wisconsin)
  9. Bacon avocado dip (yes, newsworthy)
  10. Celebrate dairy month at the Capitol (Michigan).
    • If this is near you, the event is Friday, June 15. Details in the link provided!

Let’s pull some of the awesome stats from those links I shared. 

  • “More than 1.6 million Pennsylvanians are at risk for hunger and nearly half a million of them are children. One in five Pennsylvania children goes hungry every day. To help alleviate hunger, Pennsylvania’s dairy industry and charitable food assistance organizations partnered to launch Fill a Glass with Hope® (FAGWH) in 2015. To date, FAGWH has raised more than $1 million and provided more than 7 million servings of fresh milk across the state.” Source here.


  • “The dairy industry is the largest segment of Wisconsin agriculture, contributing more than $43 billion to our state economy on an annual basis, which contributes more to our economy than citrus does to Florida ($10.7 billion), or potatoes do to Idaho ($6.7 billion).” Source here.


  • “As the state’s (California) leading agricultural commodity, the industry adds approximately $21 billion to the local economy each year and is responsible for 32 percent of U.S. dairy exports and 189,000 jobs that are dependent upon dairy production and processing.” Source here.


  • “The average American consumes 36 pounds of cheese per year.” Source here.


  • “About 72 percent of the calcium in the U.S. food supply comes from dairy foods.” Source here.


  • “The dairy industry is one of Michigan’s leading agricultural segments, contributing upward of $14.7 billion annually to the state’s economy. Michigan is home to nearly 415,000 dairy cows, which produce nearly 9.6 billion pounds of milk annually, ranking the state sixth in the nation for milk production.” Source here.





I’ve Got Moos For You. 1 Year Anniversary.

Happy 1 year anniversary to I’ve Got Moos For You! Thank you everyone who reads and to all of the family, friends and peers who send me stories and pictures to share. 

I began this journey for a few reasons. First and foremost, I saw a need. A need for a fun, quick, easy and informative read about things relating to the dairy industry. I knew this had to happen when a daily e-newsletter, The Skimm, joked about 7% of Americans thinking that chocolate milk came from brown cows. Funny, but also fair – how would people know the difference if they’ve never been given the chance? The Skimm never further explained how chocolate milk is made, and I immediately called BS. Note that this is coming from a #1 fan (still true, and will continue to be – it’s an incredible newsletter!). But, this isn’t a joke anymore – this is the food we eat. It’s a big deal. I sent several emails to them, and I even gave them examples of how they could write ag news stories to fit their tone and style. After no response, I decided to make a move. 

Shortly after, I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 1. was born. However, this was all happening at the same time I was completing a leadership program called YDLI (Young Dairy Leaders Institute). To ‘graduate’ from this program, each participant needed to execute an advocacy project. AKA a new way of telling consumers like you how awesome cows, dairy products, farmers and agriculture as a whole, are. The perfect storm was created for me to create a weekly blog post that followed a similar style of The Skimm. Why? Because that’s a strength I could play off of – fun and conversational writing.

So here we are. Each week (with a few exceptions lacking any good excuses) I’ll post a blog with 3-5 short summaries of stories I found in my news and industry sources. My goal is that consumers enjoy reading about agricultural news, feel more confident and informed about where their food comes from and laugh a few times through it. I also strive to keep it fair, balanced, and  mostly unbiased, a challenge for me, because most of my writing has been emotional and opinionated. I like that this blog post gives me an opportunity to challenge myself in that regard.

But, I really just needed a place to share epic pro innovation and science tweets from Betty Crocker. Like this one:

betty crocker tweet

As I head into year 2, you may see me try new things, or maybe I’ll keep it the same. I haven’t decided yet. I’m still learning what’s best for my readers and what they want. Got a preference? Let me know – I write this for you, consumers of food, and your feedback is critical!