I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 41.

Trying something new – I’m posting stories throughout each month on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #IveGotMoosForYou – at the end of each month, I’ll do a recap of the stories I shared, and maybe even a few extra bonus features..

I’ve Got Moos For You – July 2018 Summary

Anybody got an extra van just sitting around? Amazon might need your help.

They launched a program that allows you and I to start our own delivery service… delivering for Amazon. Interesting. Remember how they bought #WholeFoods (for like… more than $13 BILLION moolas)? I wonder if they’ll expand this delivery entrepreneur pilot into the food space… if they do, I’m first on the list for chocolate milk delivery. More deets in this article.

Bettina and Henk were driving from their farm in Ontario heading to Vancouver, Canada on a “Canadian Milk Tour.” They had a tractor with a giant cow attached to it, promoting the Canadian dairy industry.

Don’t ever take a second of your life for granted. Too often we become complacent while driving. This is a sad story, but one that I am sharing to honor Bettina and Henk Schuurmans. I’ll be saying a prayer for Henk, that he recovers quickly and with as little pain as possible, and that he has the strength to make it through losing his wife, Bettina.
Be safe and pay attention, especially while driving. The lives of our loved ones depend on it. Read more here.

Farmers have come a long way since the (average) herd size of 25 cows in the 1970s.

They’ve also become more tech-savvy. Automation, utilizing big piles of data, keeping accurate and incredibly detailed records, cows wearing ‘fitbits’ so we can monitor their movement and health… that’s scratching the surface.

This ‘Salon’ article did a report on robots milking cows at the University of Connecticut’s Kellogg Dairy Center. Check it out.

Do you still, got milk?

The California “Got Milk?” campaign is getting a brand makeover. The campaign is now called “You Can Always Count On Milk.” Read more about it in this article. You can also see the campaign website here.


Shout out to Champs in Altoona, PA for having awesome pizza. As a waitress, I sold it to a lot of people, and increased dairy consumption while doing it. Thanks Progressive Dairyman for letting me share my story! The OG link is here.