I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 48.

Summary of April 2019 stories

The World Health Organization dropped their endorsement of the EAT-Lancet diet. Gian Lorenzo Cornado, Italy’s ambassador to the UN, had a lot to say why the UN group doesn’t support this “radical” and “drastic” movement against animal ag:

“A standard diet for the whole planet, regardless of the age, sex, metabolism, general state of health and eating habits of each person, has no scientific justification at all,” Cornado wrote. “Moreover, it would mean the destruction of millenary healthy traditional diets which are a full part of the cultural heritage and social harmony in many countries.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association have made it crystal clear that they want kids drinking more milk and water, and less sugary drinks like soda. They’re proposing we make “better labels” and create a sugar tax, and I just threw away the diet coke left in my fridge. Woof.

American Dairy Association North East has made it possible for over 14,000 students to go on farm tours without ever leaving the classroom. Now that’s #undeniablydairy! Interested? Check it out.

The dairy industry is good for delicious food and a healthy U.S. economy…. AKA providing 978,000 on farm jobs + 1.98 million jobs indirectly. How bout that!

As a Pennsylvania gal, I can confirm…. we are the best at chocolate milk! This guy said so.

Earlier this month (April 2019) Fairlife announced their plans to build a processing plant in Arizona. Chocolate milk lovers, this one might be for you..

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