How to be a #girlboss

There are a lot of negative people influencing our world today. I mean, people (who has a name that rhymes with Jim Shmardashion) are tweeting naked pictures of themselves because they “LOL have nothing to wear.” And if you think that bothers me, you’re wrong…. IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM RRAAAAHHHH AND SMASH A JAR OF PICKLES AGAINST THE WALL!!! (I sometimes eat a jar of pickles for dinner, so now you know how serious that statement was).

This is crazy! We need to do better! Ladies, we need to be the example that celebrities aren’t. We need to go to school and/or work everyday and make something of ourselves. We need to lift one another, and celebrate each others success, as well as our own. We need to be comfortable in our bodies, and compliment each other when we notice a fresh hair cut or brand new blouse. We need to stop blaming others (specifically, the men in our lives) for our problems, and instead just buckle down and figure out how to solve them. We need speak loudly, but listen even more carefully. We need to stop being “too young” to do something (a baby shark is still a freaking shark). We need to have an open mind when it comes to life – opinions, love, politics, which tomato tastes better on a BLT… all of it! And ultimately, we need to find our passion and then live life just being fcking awesome at it.

Now, I know this is geared towards #girlbosses, but guys, there’s good stuff in here for you as well. I’ve gathered some of the best ladies I know and asked them to tell me what it takes to find that #girlboss inside yourself. Enjoy!


Don’t ruin your heels chasing men, rather chasing after your dreams. Pamela Ljeti, Ultimate Gal Pal and therapist (paid by tacos and margaritas) to The Cow Chronicler

I live vicariously through my girlfriends! As a #girlboss you each thrive on making a difference while inspiring those around you with passion in everything you do. The confidence to own who you are and what you stand for, while not being afraid to take chances, gives those around you the courage to stand up, walk proudly into a room and give a good hair flip that says “I’M HERE!” – Rachel Cloninger, mom to two beautiful nuggets while killing it in the work force

Shake it off! There will always be haters, but if you’re doing something you believe in and are passionate about, the haters will subside and you’ll have taken over the world with no regrets. – Emily Yeiser Stepp, Mom of Nittany-Pup and Ghosty the Wonder Cow

Find out what you’re good at and do a hell of a lot of it. Be nice, dress well, give back, surround yourself with good people and know your worth. Show up and never give up. Set yourself up for success!Chelsea Kerr, Horse Girl and the gal who’s gunna do my wedding flowers – shout out Kerr Kreations!

A #girlboss has a strong sense of self, independence and confidence that allows her to do what’s best for her, regardless of what friends, family or society tells her to do. A #girlboss does what she wants and happier because of it. – Alli Hartman, full-time students and part-time Bravo addict

Wake up every day and make the decision to have a positive impact on this world. Surround yourself with people who make you feel like you can conquer Mt. Everest, even if the hardest part of your day is getting your too tight pants on. Know yourself and your self-worth and (politely) demand that others respect you for who you are. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t… you can! You just need the right people to get you there. – Courtney Cowden, real-life loan officer, alter-ego Queen of brutally honest opinions

Being a girl boss means I have a fabulous support system to back me up (aka my #girlboss team!) while I try to make a lasting impact on the world. Nothing stands in the way of a girl boss – we kick butt accomplishing our dreams! – Melissa Boess, Apache Princess

Being a #girlboss to me is working hard and believing in what you’re passionate about. Supporting other people in the industry that share your passion. And lastly, being able to have meaningful conversations about progressive agriculture and agricultural education. – Lyndsey Royek, Hokie alumna and real-life credit analyst for AgChoice Farm Credit

Being a #girlboss means not only succeeding as a women in our dairy related careers, but coming together to empower one another to be the best version of ourselves. Also, we need to encourage each other when one hits a road block! – Caitlyn Pool, Penn State student and dairy cow enthusiast

Owning your mistakes, learning from those mistakes and letting others take the credit. Also, learning to never open your mouth until you are 110% sure you know what you’re talking about! – Erin Shaw, RN/BSN/CCRN aka really smart

Be courageous, adventurous, have a deep faith and most off all, have a kind and generous heart.Karyn Shaw, Not a regular mom but a cool mom (and grandmother, business owner and the best breakfast maker in the whole world – shout out to Blue Lantern Bed and Breakfast in Williamsburg, PA!)

Being a #girlboss is putting on an outfit that makes you feel sexy and smart and knowing that you’re owning the moment! Don’t let anyone bring you down. H8ters gunna H8!Sarah Davis, maker of cool shizzz via graphic design – I’m not kidding look at this stuff.

Be strong and confident. Be sassy, yet kind. And most importantly, be relevant. We all have the power to be a #girlboss and it is our duty to embrace that!Elle Collins, #ElleCycle and 1/2 #803BlondeStreet

Be a #girlboss by doing whatever it is that scares you. A #girlboss isn’t made by sitting at home, they’re made by taking chances, getting dirty and having a lot of fun. – Jillian Gordon, Graduate Assistant at the University of Georgia

Being a #girlboss means supporting each other’s passions and celebrating every win, no matter how small. Working together makes us all the ultimate #girlboss. – Amy Yeiser Leslie, Industry Communications Manager

Learn from your mistakes and never stop learning from them. There’s always room for improvement… What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger! Also, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something (unless it’s your mom.. then you probably shouldn’t). – Jenna, FarmHer (get it…?)

Project confidence and be fearless. Or as my niece Emily says, “Never regret dessert.” – Kathy England, Business Manager