Agvocate and get abs, too

I had a lot of fun in college. And by fun, I mean club pizza parties and ice cream socials, of course. But then, I had to graduate and it was time to (kind of) grow up.

After graduation, life changed – and so had my body. I realized it was time to focus more on my health. With this in mind, I joined a new gym dedicated to group fitness. Slowly but surely, my health started changing and improving. What I didn’t expect were the new agvocating doors that opened.

Fitness quickly became something I loved. I felt great when I’d leave a workout, and I also began making new friends. However, fitness also came with a dark side … food fads and dieting trends. One was the misconception that dairy products make you “fat” and “unhealthy.”

At first, I didn’t want any part of it. I’m all about seizing any opportunity to support the dairy industry, but I was going to the gym to relieve stress, not to get into a debate. However, a friend at the gym approached me once and said, “When I talk to you, food makes sense. I’m not scared of milk or cheese or any of those dairy products anymore.”

It was then I realized I had just found my new avenue to agvocate. These are several examples of how agvocating and working on getting abs went hand-in-hand for me.

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