Moos Recommendations. Vol 1: Skimm This + The Brew Crew

You know what millennials love doing? Swapping podcast, newsletter, news and social media account suggestions to try and seem smarter than one another. So, I’m going to start topping all of you and put mine in a BLOG POST. Hah!

There is no formal cadence (for now) but when I find something and deem it worthy, I’ll share it with all of you! Let’s start with how I get the majority of my ‘not cow’ news.

Skimm This – Podcast

This podcast comes out by 5 pm every week night (except holidays) and ranges from 10-15 minutes long each episode. I listen to this and feel all caught up on the world’s latest drama… and not offended by any political bias, which is really hard to come by.

The Brew Crew – Newsletters

Sorry Milwaukee, I stole your baseball team’s gang name, I think.

Morning Brew. This newsletter is a little long, but worth the read. It’s got some spunk and seriously witty writers. This covers all things happening from stock prices, politics, pop culture, sports, how Elon Musk is planning to take over the world… it’s fun. Subscribe here.

Retail Brew. Listen, you don’t have to be a brand snob to love a publication highlighting the latest moos on swag. It’s fun to keep up on your favorite big time brands and stores (hi, Target!) and how their business is impacting everyone around them… including you! Subscribe here.

I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 50.

Summary of June 2019 stories. (Happy 50th!)

June was National Dairy Month and it was kicked off with World Milk Day on June 1. People celebrated allllllll over the place alllllll month long. You can check out posts on social by searching the hashtag #nationaldairymonth and #worldmilkday – enjoy!

Pizza Hut and their 18,000 stores aren’t afraid of change – after 40 years, the Original Pan Pizza is getting a new cheese blend and the pizza biz is swapping in a different pan that’ll give the people what they want… a crispier crust. Yup.

Katie from Cow Comfort Inn Dairy was on Good Morning America with Laila Ali talking about dairy farming and proper nutrition for kids…. check out their segment!

When someone says Taco Bell is giving away free tacos because of a Golden State Warriors win during the NBA Finals & you’re not sure if you should believe them or not… It was true! From 2-6 pm on June 18, participating locations gave errrrbody a free Doritos Locos Taco. Proof here.

“It takes a village to milk a cow.” This Dairy Carrie blog does a great job showcasing all of the different people who help farmers run their business!

Mark Zuckerberg is back at it again. On June 18, Facebook revealed Libra. Libra is their blockchain-based (secure) cryptocurrency, and people are saying it’s the “new and improved” bitcoin. Rumor has it, that it will be up and running in 2020. This would change the way people pay for things (food, clothes, literally anything) in a big way, especially across international borders because you would be able to send and receive money without paying the typical (large) fees. There are 2.7 BILLION people in Zuck’s target market…. This is something worth paying attention to.

P.S. If you’re as lost and confused on cryptocurrency as I am, listen to the June 18, 2019 episode of the “Skimm This” podcast for some learnin’.

Do you know what role animal agriculture plays in climate change? Insight here.

How does dairy farming support women’s empowerment? Find out!

The Forbes Ag Tech Summit happened June 26-27. New Mexico Milk Maid talked about the environmental impact of US Dairy. This article featuring her highlights how collaboration and partnerships often lead farmers to be more sustainable. Like dairy farmers and peanut farmers working together to provide bedding for animals while also eliminating food waste. Farmers. Are. So. Cool.

Also, our US Secretary of Ag was there. He closed out the event talking about how he is living his motto as our country’s leader of food, farming and all things ag… “Do right and feed everyone.” Check it out.

Interested in getting whole milk back in schools? Check out what Pennsylvania dairy enthusiasts are doing in an effort to get it done, here.