I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 49.

Summary of May 2019 stories 

On birthday 27, the 2nd post in my Progressive Dairyman blog series highlighting female entrepreneurs went live! With help from Rachel Hollis’s latest book ‘Girl, Stop Apologizing’ + the ladies of Milking R – The Rucks Family, we’re talking about why you should stop needlessly apologizing. If you over use the word ‘sorry’ …. Stop it! Knock it off! Read more about why we need kick this awful habit OUT THE DOOR and tips how to do it!

Hey Pennsylvania.. there are three ice cream “trails” for you to follow this summer! Check out a great list of delicious treats and win yourself a T-shirt while doing so… win-win!

May was National Beef Month. Social media was flooded with delicious recipes, from bloggers like Eat Farm Love.

Are you a cheese lover? If so, this gal posted 45 recipes you need to see.

I’m talking a lot about food. This is a video from Tasty on how cheese is made. Nomz.

On June 5, McDonalds brought 4 international favorites to their menus. Did anyone try the Stroopwafel McFlurry from the Netherlands?! Count me in on this.

Chobani has stepped up to pay off the lunch debt of students in a Rhode Island school district that generated controversy by giving out cold sandwiches rather than a hot meal.” Full story + tweet from CEO Hamdi Ulukaya here.

Why eat a candy bar when you could drink the low fat, high protein (14 grams) and extra tasty version? I can’t decide which is better, snickers or twix… anyone got an opinion that can help me decide?!

Who knew pasta salad needed a bacon upgrade? Though now that I say it, it makes a lot of sense….. of course it did!

 Fruit salads with cheese? Who’s gunna test this out at a summer picnic?

Taco Bell is opening their own taco inspired hotel and resort. This is nacho average vacation destination! Will you visit here?

It’s official… Morning Brew is my favorite way to keep up with the world. If you need a new morning newsletter check it out here.

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