Rachael Ray, you’re almost there.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Rachael Ray’s latest segment with Keri Glassman, where they talk about all the choices we have in a grocery store. She starts with milk. First, I’d like to thank Rachael Ray show for recognizing that whole cow’s milk has the most amount of protein when compared with non-dairy beverages. Overall, her message is a strong promotion of dairy milk. But, let me tell you a little a bit about why other cow’s milk choices are just as good.

She claims that organic is “the purest,” has “the most protein,” and “you need to buy hormone free, organic milk.”

Now, that’s just not true. But let me start with this… I’m not here to say non-organic is better than organic or vice versa. We are so privileged in this country to have the freedom of choice in our food system (which they talk about), let alone the freedom to claim one is “better than the other.” Nutritionally, they stand side by side. Both produced by dairy farmers who value their cattle, land and feeding the world.

However, to be “hormone free,” or “pure and highest in protein” the answer is not buying organic. Milk will naturally have hormones in it, non-organic or organic, and both types are jacked up in protein along with 8 other essential nutrients. Below are infographics and article links that cover information on:

-Hormones in milk
-All milk is antibiotic free
-Nutritional values in ALL dairy milks

Please feel free to share these items and/or this status on Rachael Ray’s page, or send her an email. If you’re a farmer, come from a farm one or just want to support all types of dairy farmers, share a story and pictures of your farm. Make it personal. Show Rachael Ray what’s really in your non-organic milk, and why it’s incredible for your body and health. Bust the myths. Promote what’s right, true and fair. Get out there, but don’t bring down another farming practice to better your own. It’s not about us proving that organic is bad, it’s just about showcasing why all milk is delicious and nature’s most perfect food.

One person can only do so much. But if we all reach out, we can make a statement. Are you with me?