I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 48.

Summary of April 2019 stories

The World Health Organization dropped their endorsement of the EAT-Lancet diet. Gian Lorenzo Cornado, Italy’s ambassador to the UN, had a lot to say why the UN group doesn’t support this “radical” and “drastic” movement against animal ag:

“A standard diet for the whole planet, regardless of the age, sex, metabolism, general state of health and eating habits of each person, has no scientific justification at all,” Cornado wrote. “Moreover, it would mean the destruction of millenary healthy traditional diets which are a full part of the cultural heritage and social harmony in many countries.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association have made it crystal clear that they want kids drinking more milk and water, and less sugary drinks like soda. They’re proposing we make “better labels” and create a sugar tax, and I just threw away the diet coke left in my fridge. Woof.

American Dairy Association North East has made it possible for over 14,000 students to go on farm tours without ever leaving the classroom. Now that’s #undeniablydairy! Interested? Check it out.

The dairy industry is good for delicious food and a healthy U.S. economy…. AKA providing 978,000 on farm jobs + 1.98 million jobs indirectly. How bout that!

As a Pennsylvania gal, I can confirm…. we are the best at chocolate milk! This guy said so.

Earlier this month (April 2019) Fairlife announced their plans to build a processing plant in Arizona. Chocolate milk lovers, this one might be for you..

I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 47.

Summary of March 2019 stories.

It was International Women’s Day this month. Watch this video and read this article that shares great social media posts from the day of celebrating!

What do you get when you mix sustainability and millennial dairy farmers? Delicious cheese and a great story. This Forbes article dives into one life that represents our US dairy industry really, really well.

There are a lot of good stats in this video. What stood out to me was that the average person uses a looooot of water each day (80-100 gallons… YA, YIKES!) while farmers are using 1 gallon of water up to 4x. After that water has been used, it’s ultimately helping to create fertilizer for the fields that are growing crops. You catch that? Check it out, pretty mind blowing when you really pay attention…

On National Oreo Day, we got meet an oreo cow… yes, a real thing.

As someone who deals with being lactose intolerant but still wanting the health benefit of dairy foods, I get excited about any type of innovative product that is lactose free. I also shop for groceries with convenience as a top priority.

THEREFORE, I’m pretty intrigued in Amazon offering Happy Belly, lactose free milk, right to my door. Has anyone tried this yet?! Or do we prefer shopping at the local grocery stores?

“The Happy Belly milk can currently be ordered through Amazon Fresh, Amazon’s grocery delivery service, with a 64-ounce bottle of lactose free whole milk going for $3.29.”

People are making milk and Coca Cola cocktails… how do we feel about this?

SnowWhite by LG is like a Keurig for ice cream. However I’ll predict the downfall to an “ice cream Keurig” is the likely “recommended” serving size… am I right?

Hey Google… where’s the closest Costco? I NEED to spend $2.35 on this new churros and frozen yogurt dessert.

The Dairy Pride Act is an effort to make food labeling less confusing for consumers. AKA if it’s not a dairy product, it shouldn’t be labeled as one. Check it out.

Here is a resource to find Berkey Creamery ice cream places other than campus. One arboretum swirl for me, please!

The dairy industry creates a lot more than delicious milk... big time things like jobs and positive influences on local and global communities. Look at these stats!

I’ve been trying to meal prep more often. I think I’ll make this for breakfast this week.. and the next week…. and the next… Nothing says “oh my gawd” like this banana cake with cream cheese frosting.

The #corntroversy continues. MillerCoors is suing Anheuser-Busch after they insinuated Miller and Coors used corn syrup in their ingredients, and Budlight did not. The real question is…. who cares?

Be thankful if you are living in a safe, dry home. Many are not. These floods are heart breaking. Companies like Culver’s are giving back, too.

I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 46.

Summary of February 2019 stories 

Sometimes (all the time) self diagnosing yourself isn’t the best option. Are you really lactose intolerant? If you’re not, why deprive your body of nutrient rich dairy products? Read more into it, here.

“Al Horford is one of the most respected players in the NBA, and while relatively quiet, is a key leader on the Celtics.” He also loves chocolate milk after a game or workout. How about that! This is why.

Bud Light offended a lot of people with their super bowl-sized ad taking a dig at other light beers using corn syrup. Well, after seeing how (what we millennials call) butt-hurt everyone got over this #corntroversy, Coors Light took advantage of the opportunity and made a #ToastToFarmers saluting crop growers and stating they were still proud of ALL their ingredients. Cheers!

Food labeling has always been a point of controversy… why call something, something it isn’t? Or at least, that’s how Chobani sees it. They say more here.

Hey New York, there’s a new cheese brand in town! Dairy Farmer of America (DFA) + 8 farm families started Craigs Creamery, and products will be hitting several states along the east coast. Nomz shared here!

Who says tinder is just for humans? #Tudder is now helping cows find their perfect match. Seriously, check it out.

Some say pizza is a healthier breakfast option than cereal… one person saying it is enough for me to be on board! They said it here.

Celebrities have some power, and sometimes they use it for good. Like the time Sia convinced Pizza Hut to donate pizza to the homeless. This is what she did.

Any headline that reads “wine pairing” is enough click bait for meClick here for Mediterranean wine and dairy pairings.

“They got the meme treatment” is equal parts hilarious and “holy shiz this is literally how we handle serious politics” … in summary, the Green New Deal wasn’t exactly a win with some people. Cow fart jokes found here.

If you’re tired of pizza getting cold, buy a pizza pocket hoodie! Let’s be real though… who is eating pizza slow enough to need this? Not me.

Dairy nutrition is body and budget friendly! Here’s why your wallet will thank you.