I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 42.

August 2018 Summary of stories. 

*Humming to the tune of DMB* To change the world start with one step. However small, the first step is hardest of all… Ty Higgins small step was his #10GallonChallengeVideo that has led to more than 63,000 views and fresh dairy milk donations to food banks. Boom.

You can be lactose intolerant… and still receive the dairy nourishment your body deserves. #TrueLife #ImLactoseIntolerant

It’s hard to replace the nutrients you lose in your diet when ditching animal protein. Is it surprising that most people end up coming back to it? Mehh…

#LadyBoss The Farmer’s Wifee (@thefarmerswifee on #twitter) put together a list of 13 dairy farmers you should be following on #instagram – so you care about the food you’re putting in your body? Here’s a chance to virtually meet some of the hands producing it!

300 jobs in 3 years.. that’s something we can rally around. Michigan is making a $555 million investment in St. John’s. That project is “one of the largest dairy processing facilities in the country.” Woah. The Lansing Economic Area Partnership, more easily referred to as LEAP, is leading the project. LEAP President and CEO Bob Trezise sounds pretty pumped in this article. 

You call yourself a cheese head? Think again. Wisconsin took cheese board to a whole new level… 4,437 lbs. and 63 oz. later and they set a new Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Cheeseboard. Move over Netherlands, your 3,375 lbs. and 13 oz. has nothing on this new hostess with the mostest.

Got Milk? Apparently almonds do. Nut beverages tend to label themselves as milk, though there is no real dairy (or any mammal) milk in the products… except for a few batches of Vanilla Almond Breeze milk. Some of the product has been recalled because there may be *real* dairy milk in it. I’m going to let you all come up with your own word to describe this situation..

Innovative Greek yogurt? Count DFA in. DFA (Dairy Farmers of America) has invested in some new greek yogurt technology. See MOPRO Nutrition, which “is an all-natural, high protein, low sugar, whole milk Greek yogurt infused with whey protein combined with probiotics.” It’s also the first greek yogurt “infused with CFM whey protein isolate.” Confused? Don’t be. This article talks more about this dairy healthy food.

Animal agriculture, caring for the environment, feeding the world and farming can’t be summed up much better than this. “I think one of the big things I want people to realize is that while farming is who we are and what we do, our interest in society is not different than other people’s interest in society.” Mark Henry, Ohio Dairy Farmer. Read the rest of what he has to say in Dairy Carrie’s #HumansOfAgriculture post on Facebook.

What do you mean? Nestle is potentially in trouble, and are accused of confusing the shiz out of consumers about GMOs in food products. Like, lawsuit trouble.

Nobody recycles quite like dairy farmers. Never underestimate the “Power of Poo.

Do you pay attention to expiration dates? Cornell University research teams are looking into how we can make it more clear to consumers how long their milk is good in their fridge. Sounds like we may be prematurely throwing away food – oops. Nothing is official yet, but they’re looking into using two indicators ‘best-by’ and ‘sell-by’ dates.

I guess I’ll stop complaining about the rain… because some producers are dealing with serious drought issues. Water is muy important to raising livestock and crops because, ya know… that just makes sense. A drought makes that not so easy. Here’s how they’re dealing…

How aged do you like your cheese? 3,200 years? Turns out, Egyptians loved cheese too. So much, in fact, they took it to the tomb with them.

These cows have a zero tolerance policy for stealing cars. “A herd of cattle provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf!” Seminole County Sheriff’s Department. Full article here.