Team Cow Chronicler

Work with Me!

If you would like to work with me, my blog or have interest in promoting agriculture and the dairy industry, I may be just the gal you need!

I want YOU to join #TeamCowChronicler – Do you have a story to share, but don’t know where to go with it? Let’s work together! You get full credit for your work, I’ll just take care of hosting it!

Make my writing your own –  I’m always looking for new challenges to conquer. Have a topic, trend/fad or event that you think I should cover? Send it my way!

Talk the Talk- I’m not very good at talking about myself (my mom disagrees) but I do love talking about what great things others have done or are going to do! Whether you’re an “ag’er” or “non-ag’er” I can chat with you and/or your group. Things I kinda know what I’m talking about include the dairy industry, advocacy, blogging, sassy one liners and social media/marketing tactics.

Need a bad joke to ruin a first date – I’ve got ya covered!

Think we’d make a great team? I do! Just send me a message by filling out this form. Let’s make some magic happen, friends!


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