I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 39.

Feel good stories that I read this week and want to share with you 5/13/2018.

“Know of any good party planners?”

#WorldMilkDay is happening on June 1, 2018. Dairy farmers across the world will be raising a glass and toasting to milk, a beverage produced by dairy cows. Why? Because they, and many others, think milk is awesome. They have a solid case. Read more about dairy health benefits here, here and here. Make sure you follow along on June 1 and post your own dairy positive pictures using the hashtag #WorldMilkDay.

“Good vibes only!”

This article posted by Progressive Dairyman has Walt Coleman of Little Rock, Arkansas, a dairy farmer and retired NFL official teaching the rest of us how we can turn “boos into cheers.” Sounds like useful advice when you’re feeling down. You can read more details in the article, but it boils down to three key things:

  1. Remember your importance.
  2. Learn to laugh it off.
  3. Do what’s right.

“I couldn’t stay away.” 

Farming is an emotional business, and animals become like family. Many dairy farmers described farming as a “livelihood” rather than a job. I read a story this week about Christine Bender, who left her job with benefits to come back to more labor and longer hours on her family dairy farm. I don’t like stealing anyone’s thunder, but to me, it sounds like she made the right choice. Check it out here.

Picture of the week. 

Uncle Joel brought his niece Evie out to meet the cows… looks like we might have a future dairy farmHER on our hands!

joel and evie

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