I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 20.

Stuff I read about this week that you should care about 10/13/17

“Have you heard about Tom Brady’s diet?” Me, ’cause #GoPats

The Patriots are pretty good at football, but maybe Tommy should rethink dairy in his diet (and maybe Aaron Rodgers should stop trying to be Tom and reintroduce dairy as well). These two quarterbacks avoid dairy because they believe it causes “inflimmation and slows healing and recovery.” A study done at University of Wisconsin (UW) shows that meeehhh, you boys might be wrong. Dairy foods researcher Bradley Bolling dives into the issue, stating “But dairy products, particularly fermented dairy products, have anti-inflammatory properties in humans not suffering from allergies to milk.” You hear that, boys? Grab a yogurt (just don’t call fellow QB Cam Newton for an Oikos fruity greek).

“Mmmm… bettah not.” Raw milk consumers

Milk goes through a process called pasteurization to make sure that it is safe for human consumption, and it’s not recommended by health officials to drink it raw. Despite this, there is still a niche market for it. Pride & Joy Dairy sells it in the state of Washington, but recently had to pull a batch product off shelves because it was tested positive for salmonella. No one has been reported sick, however the Washington State Department of Agriculture released a health alert after the farm refused to stop selling their product. Lesson: milk is pasteurized for a reason. Learn more about the importance of it here.

“Sorry, my budget is a little tight.” FL rebuilding after IRMA

Irma did some damage to FL agriculture – $2.5 billion in damage. This includes business ranging from dairy farms, beef ranches, citrus groves.. you name it. You can read more details in this news release, but I’ve shared a break down by industry ($ damage) below, as seen in the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ preliminary report.

• Total Florida agriculture: $2,558,598,303.

• Citrus: $760,816,600

• Beef Cattle: $237,476,562

• Dairy: $11,811,695

• Aquaculture: $36,850,000

• Fruits and Vegetables (excluding citrus): $180,193,096

• Greenhouse, Nursery, and Floriculture: $624,819,895

• Sugar: $382,603,397

• Field crops: $62,747,058

• Forestry: $261,280,000

If you can help out a friend in FL who is struggling to make a come back, do it.

Picture of the week.

Yesterday (10/12) was #NationalFarmersDay, which is a day dedicated to all of the hardworking people that make sure you have breakfast on the go, lunch with friends and dinner on your plate. If you look up the hashtag #NationalFarmersDay on social media, you’ll find pictures and posts of how people celebrated. Thank you, farmers!

bec and josh national farmers day

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