I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 19.

Stuff I read about this week that you should care about 9/22/17

“Like Christmas, but better.” Me, getting ready for World Dairy Expo

Every year, dairy enthusiasts from around the world gather to celebrate at World Dairy Expo (WDE), held in Madison, WI, the first week of October. Since it started over 50 years ago, WDE has been a “a forum for dairy producers, companies, organizations and other dairy enthusiasts to come together to compete, and to exchange ideas, knowledge, technology and commerce.

WDE is a week that brings in the greatest cows from across the country, a trade-show full of new technologies from dairy companies, the latest and greatest dairy foods and just a whole lot of fun. If you’re able to make it, I suggest you grab a grilled cheese first, make your way through the different trade-show areas and then do some shopping (The Purple Cow, Steel Cow and Bonnie Mohr are a must!) before grabbing a Miller Lite and watching the dairy show. I’ll be right there beside you.

Grab your tissues – it’s a brotherly love story

James Neidermire lost his life on April 24, 2012, in tractor rollover (farming) accident. James was one of 5 children at the Neiderland Dairy Farm in East Farmington, WI. Joel is his younger brother that is helping his legacy live on by helping keep their 40 cow dairy herd and 200 acre farm running. Joel is a fifth-generation dairy farmer, and remembers his brothers hard work and dedication. Its stories like this one that remind you how lucky you truly are.

“You can’t leave the table until you finish your entire plate.” Moms, everywhere

It’s easy to waste food – we can always get more. Even if something goes bad, we can throw it away and go to the store and buy another one. But that doesn’t mean we should – right now, we produce enough to feed the world, but a third of that is being thrown away. One reason is because consumers are confused by expiration dates – this causes a loss of $29 billions dollars each year between families in the U.S. Companies like Kellogg Co and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. have made statements that they are committed to solving this issue for consumers. They’ll do it by simplifying all of labels on products. Under the new plan, only two labels – “Best if used by” for non-perishable items and “Use by” for perishable ones – will be used by CGF members by 2020.If this solves the issue… what would you spend that $29 billion on?

Picture of the week. 

My milkshake brings my mom to the yard. At least, it brought Maryland nugget Chandler’s mom Aubrey to the cow barn at All American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, PA. HOW FREAKING CUTE?!

chandler and aubrey

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