I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 18.

Stuff I read about this week that you should care about 9/15/2017

“I’ve still got it.” 99 year old dairy farmer

US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue shared a story on his twitter about Milford “Pete” Nodlinski. Pete is a 99 year old (100 in December!) who is still actively working on his dairy farm in Nebrasksa. Why? Because he wants to set a good example for his kids and grandkids. And because he’s awesome. Read his full story and all of the sweet things people have to say about him here. Grab some tissues before you get started.

“This is a dream come true!” Those who are suffering from lactose intolerance

Tony Amidor is a nutrition expert who explains how a body breaks down lactose. She focuses specifically on those who are lactose intolerant. Turns out, your body can handle different dairy products in different doses and combinations, even with the intolerance to lactose. Watch the full video of her interview here. Yeehaw!

“We can’t just quit because of a little rain!” Florida dairy farmers

Hurricane IRMA ripped through Florida last weekend. Some people could evacuate – dairy farmers couldn’t. Follow the stories of dairy farmers and how they’re recovering on the Florida Milk Facebook and Twitter pages. If you’re able to donate to help the hurricane relief efforts, you can contribute here. Let’s take care of those who feed us!

Picture of the week. 

It’s a passion from day 1. Maryland baby Amy got an early start with her love for dairy cows.

baby amy y

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