I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 16.

Stuff I read about this week that you should care about 9/1/2017

“Harvey has nothing on the spirit of Americans.” Our country supporting Texas

Areas of Texas have been hit by Hurricane Harvey and the flooding has been something that Noah would have built an ark for. While there weren’t any sharks swimming up the Houston freeway (despite some of Twitter’s users best efforts to fool us) there were over 18,600 people rescued, along with animals. Unfortunately, 24 people have died (this is a count that was last seen on MSNBC’s morning report on 8/31). This week’s picture of the week is a photo and video of cattle being moved to dry land. It’s almost impossible to believe the pictures and footage on the news, but it’s a very proud time to be an American as we all come together to help each other out. If you’re interested in donating, check out this NY Times article that provides different ways to help and organizations to donate money towards.

“WE ARE…. REALLY EXCITED!” PSU fans who love ice cream

The Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association is famous for their milkshakes. People will stand in line for (literally) hours to get one of these bad boys. Now, they’re selling them at Penn State football games. They’ll even be blue and white to get spectators in the spirit. You pay $6 and they give $1 from every sale to Fill a Glass with Hope, a fundraiser providing milk to those who can’t afford it. Boom.

Picture of the week.


Americans are awesome. Watch the footage of these cattle being moved to dry ground in Texas here.

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