I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 14.

Stuff I read about this week that you should care about 8/18/2017

“From a cold brew to feeding your moos.” Recycling beer into cow feed.

About 10 years ago, a light bulb went off. Dirk Rohne raises cows in Oregon. One day he wondered what he could do with the byproduct left over from making beer at Fort George, a nearby brewery. That’s when he found a way to use it at his 170 cow dairy farm, Brownsmead Island Farm near Astoria, Oregon. This is one of many farms to take the leftover grain (brewers grain) from a brewery, and feed it to dairy cows. This is happening all over the country, one of many ways farmers how found ways to be more sustainable. Everybody wins!

“Milk with a splash of coffee, please.” Me.

Raise your hand if your coffee is more milk, and less coffee. La Colombe Draft Latte is just that. Founder and creator Todd Carmichael sold out 10,000 cans of this product in just 60 minutes. Served in an RTD (ready to drink) can, Carmichael’s drink is 80% fresh milk – therefore, he needs to have a lot of cows nearby. That explains why he bought a production location last August in Norton Shore, Michigan. This sounds like the perfect drink if you love milk in your coffee and drinking it on the go.

“I’ll take extra protein, please.” Anyone and everyone. 

Protein is important, we get that. But really what is protein and why do we need it? This article breaks it all down. A few quick facts:

  • Organs, muscles, bones, nails and hair are all made up of (mostly) protein.
  • Protein helps rebuild types of body tissues like muscle and nervous.
  • Protein aids in creating hemoglobin which is the guys that helps carry oxygen to your body.

Learn more facts like this and others (like what proteins are actually made of) by clicking here.

Picture of the week.

Shout out to my gram, one of the people who really started my love for cows. Yee-haw!



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