I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 13.

Stuff I read about this week that you should care about 8/11/2017

“Do you, uh, recycle here?” Me, nervous about where I should throw my water bottle away in a new place.

Farmers wear a lot of different hats, one of them being an environmentalist, and they’re getting a little extra help with the gig. Revolution Plastics (RP) is helping farmers recycle materials from their farms. RP, based out of Arkansas, started 3 years ago picking up plastic from farms. Now, they’re reaching over 4,000 farms in the Midwest – there are still 3,000 more farms between Wisconsin and Minnesota that have signed up and are waiting to join in on the fun. The plastic collected is turned into materials such as trash can liners. From protecting cows feed to collecting trash after your weekend party with friends, farmers are helping save the planet one piece of plastic at a time.

“If it’s called milk… then why can’t you milk it?” Everyone confused over what should be allowed to call itself ‘milk’.

Milk is a word that has been thrown on products that aren’t technically milk – like soy, coconut and almond ‘milk’ products for example. These non-dairy beverages are coming under some serious heat to stop calling themselves “something they’re not.” Kind of how Becky always said she’s a natural blonde, even though you could see how dark her roots were in between hair appointments. TBD on how this shakes out, and what type of labeling standards and regulations are set up on who can sit with ‘milk’ and who needs to find a new crowd.

“Sharp right!” Farmers navigating their drones around silos and barns.

Farming is always evolving and adapting new technologies. Over the last few years, drones have been tested out to determine the benefits they could have to precision agriculture. (Precision agriculture refers to the way farmers manage crops to ensure efficiency of inputs such as water and fertilizer, and to maximize productivity, quality, and yield. The term also involves minimizing pests, unwanted flooding, and disease.)

There are drones being developed specifically for farming and agriculture. Some drones have been proven as an efficient way to spray fields while others have helped farmers survey/view their land from higher up. You can learn more about what specific drones have been made for agriculture in this article.

Picture of the week.

Featuring a cat who has taken “hiding from responsibilities” to a whole new level. Photo from Yvonne Longenecker of Penn England Farms, Pennsylvania.


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