I’ve Got Moos For You. Vol 11.

Stuff I read about this week that you should care about 7/28/2017

“Who ya gunna call? Myth-busters!” The Washington Post

There are so many fads and “freak-outs” over food, it’s hard to keep up with what’s legit and what’s not. The Washington Post recently wrote an article where they tackle “10 mega myths” about farming and food.  Below are the 10 myths they broke down and why why they think we should “chill, homie” while grocery shopping. You can read the full article here.

  1. Most farms are corporate-owned. 99% are family owned.
  2. Food is expensive. This isn’t the 1920s.
  3. Farming is traditional and low tech. Tractors are already driving themselves. Where you at, Tesla?
  4. A pesticide is a pesticide is a pesticide. Not quite. There’s a lot more to it.
  5. Organic farmers and conventional farmers don’t get along. They even get drinks together.
  6. A GMO is a GMO is a GMO. These aren’t aliens.
  7. Only meat with a “hormone-free” label is hormone free. Hormone free meat doesn’t exist.
  8. Only meat with an “antibiotic-free” label is antibiotic free. All meat is antibiotic free… it’s the law.
  9. Foods labeled “natural” are produced differently. What does natural even mean?
  10. Chemicals are the biggest threat to food safety. More like E. coli – right, Chipotle?


“I’m going for a natural, windswept look.” Dan Miller (probably in his head)

Dairy farmer Dan Miller, the owner of Corfu – New York-based Miller Sonshine Acres Farm, is utilizing what ruins a good hair day – wind. Miller installed two Northern Power 100 kW turbines on his farm (one in 2014, the second in 2016). Northern Power Systems Corp has been creating these turbines for over 40 years. These have generated a lot of power for Miller (over 180,000 kilowatt-hours of energy the first half of  2017). Northern Power, along with Buffalo Renewables, Inc., recently hosted an “Open Turbine Day” on the farm, allowing others to see the turbines up close, how they operate and the energy benefits they’ve given. Miller reflects on his decision to purchase and install these, saying “I’m concerned about climate change and see the value in renewable energy… But the bottom line is, I thought I could save some money — and this has proven to be a great way to do that.”


“I’m never leaving my bed.” Portland residents

Ice cream just got even sweeter in Portland, ME. Salli Wason runs Rosanna’s Ice Cream, named after her favorite band Toto, which is an ice cream delivery service. Wason says she’ll have the ice cream to you within an hour of you ordering it. She even has a few competitors. Now that’s the type of business battle I want in my back yard.


Opinion Piece.

What The Health is a new film that wants you to go vegan. However, some are coming out against the movie saying “Uhm, this isn’t accurate,” and “Not so fast guys.” This article calls out faults in the movie. Read it here.

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