Making milk cool again.

Milk has had some positive rep in the news this week.. and a half.. (ish).

In the effort to make all things great again, Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue has reintroduced 1% flavored milks in public school lunches. This is a big change after the Obama Administration banned low-fat flavored milks from schools, which had caused a drop of 1.1 million students not drinking milk with their lunch. This change is intended to increase milk consumption, which will help students meet basic nutritional needs. (Full article here: Milk Business).

This is awesome. It also follows suit with the latest (mostly) pro-dairy story posted by USA Today. It’s titled, “That full-fat dairy stuff — cheese, yogurt, milk — isn’t bad for you, study finds.” It mentions in this article that while people were shunning dairy to avoid the ‘bad fat’ in it, they were depriving their bones of the nutrients they needed – which they would have received from dairy products. Thus, putting them at a risk for osteoporosis (uh, no bueno). With nine essential nutrients that our bodies need (read about them here and here and here), milk was, is and always will be a no brainer. I believe in the research, science and farmers behind the products… do you?

And ladies, this guy agrees with me… we should be drinking milk. Not only are we the ultimate bosses and kick ass’ers of life, but our body needs what dairy has.

“Simply put, women benefit from the major nutrients and vitamins packed within dairy products. Women considering a dairy-free diet must understand the risks to their health, especially deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D.” (Dr. Manny Alvarez)

All in all, it’s been a week in the news of #MakingMilkCoolAgain. Future #CowChronicler2020 slogan? Maybe I’ll base my campaign around requiring ice cream and cheese fondue to have their own food groups, and gyms having chocolate milk in their vending machines.

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