Meet Dave, the #DairyDad

Dave is known for a lot of things… my favorite are raising two feisty red heads who I get to call my friends, and making sure everyone gets their chocolate milkshake (or another flavor if you’re weird) at the Pennsylvania Farm Show (shout out PA Dairyman’s Association!). Though Joel is a man of few words, he captures the awesomeness of his dad in them (mainly, in Dave’s dad jokes).

Who may you be?

Joel  –  farmer  –  26  –  Graduate of THEE (you catch that?) Pennsylvania State University

Who’s your #DairyDad?

My father is David Smith. He is a full time farmer who loves chocolate, the outdoors, sleep, being a dad, telling dad jokes, family time and milkshakes.

How is your dad involved in the dairy industry? How has he supported you in the dairy industry?

He is the Executive director of the PA Dairymen’s Association.

He has taught me how to raise dairy heifers and always supported me in school and with other dairy related involvements.

One word to describe your dad and why you chose that word – go!

Caring – he is always willing to help in any situation and go out of his way to help others.

If you had the chance to say once last thing to your dad, what would it be?

Thanks for being the best role model to look up to.


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