Meet Jeff , the #DairyDad

Casey, who I’ve come to know well in the last few years, is a genuine gal with a good heart… something I believe she’s learned from her father. She is one example of someone who had a father who wasn’t milking cows every day, but still found ways to help her become (and stay) successful. And that’s what makes dads awesome; love, support and encouragement to be the best that you can be.

And who may you be?

My name is Casey (Marstaller) Hushon. I work as an account supervisor at Charleston|Orwig, a strategic marketing communications firm based in Wisconsin. We serve clients throughout the food chain from the farm to the retail shelf. I’m one of the older millennials at C|O, so one part of my job is to explain all of us to our older colleagues. I am a proud Virginia Tech (Let’s Go! Hokies!) graduate with a degree in Dairy Science and English. I have lived in Wisconsin for 9 years where my husband, Josh (of 7 years), and I live on a hobby farm with Brown Swiss and Ayrshire show calves. In my free time I enjoy trail running, reading, watching sports and hanging out with my dog, Buddy. I once ran a 50-mile trail race because I liked the snacks along the way.

Who is your #DairyDad?

Jeff Marstaller is a visionary with the work ethic to bring dreams to life. As a wholesale greenhouse owner, he dreamed up a greenhouse that would emit zero-carbon emissions through the use of photovoltaic and geothermal technology. Thanks to that vision, some state and national funding, this dream opened in 2013 and serves business throughout Maine.

Outside of the poly-houses, my dad spends his time involved with church, international missionary work, family and sports. He loves mushroom pizza, Greely High School basketball, puzzles and other things I did not inherit his skill at, quick wit and a good laugh.

How is your dad involved in the dairy industry? How has he supported you in the dairy industry?

 My dad’s involvement in dairy came down to saying “yes.” When I was 7 years old, my uncle—who owns our family’s Ayrshire dairy operation in Livermore Falls, Maine—called my parents to ask if I could take a calf home from their farm to raise. My dad persuaded my mom into saying yes. That year under the Christmas tree was a rope halter and a card inviting me to pick out any calf I wanted that spring.

From the start my dad was into the project. He went to 4-H meetings, built wooden sides for his truck so we can haul animals, learned how to clip and even how to show. He built a full plywood cow to take to the fair with an interactive quiz to educate others about the dairy industry. He also let me learn true life lessons like losing gracefully, winning humbly and to always do the right thing.

One word to describe your dad and why you chose that word – go!

Genuine – He always does what he says he will do, honest in his dealings with others and cares for others. Whether it’s growing plants for no charge for a local garden club, traveling to Cambodia to build churches or pitching in for a week to improve my fixer-upper house, his motives and actions are always genuine.

If you had the chance to say once last thing to your dad, what would it be?

Thank you for living out the example you taught us growing up.  Putting faith and family first, being present, working hard and still having fun. We never had to ask what your priorities were because your actions made it very clear that no matter how busy work was, you would be there. I can count on one hand how many basketball games, cows shows or youth group events you missed—and your time means more than you’ll ever know.


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