Meet Dale, the #DairyDad

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with Emily at National Dairy events across the U.S., and I say it with confidence that Emily is truly proud to be the daughter of a dairy farmer. And THAT is something that makes my heart smile… and I hope it makes yours smile too!

And who may you be?

Hi!  My name is Emily, I am a 25-year old dairy farmer’s daughter from the great state of Minnesota!  I grew up on my family’s dairy farm in south central Minnesota, and my passion for the dairy industry and those who work in it led me to the University of Minnesota.  After graduation, I took a job with “the U” as an Extension Educator in Livestock Production Systems in a 3-county area.  I have the pleasure of working with dairy farmers every day, and I am so lucky that I get to do that!

Who is your #DairyDad?

My awesome dad is Dale, dairy farming and jack-of-all-trades extraordinaire!  He is a dairy farmer as well as an Occupational Therapist, because he apparently wasn’t busy enough.  My dad LOVES reading books, any books.  The joke in our family is we could give him a book called “The History of Glue” and he would read the entire thing cover to cover.  He also likes playing cards, going to museums and historical sites, and embarrassing his children.

How is your dad involved in the dairy industry? How has he supported you in the dairy industry?

My dad has been involved in the dairy industry since a young age.  His parents founded our family farm which is still in operation today.  Farming is in his blood, and I couldn’t imagine him doing anything else.  He has had his fair share of bad luck as a farmer—accidents, crop-damaging weather, but nothing turns him away or dampens his spirits.  His resiliency is what makes me so passionate about dairy.  No one batted an eye when both of my brothers chose to go to college for dairy degrees and return to the industry, but I got a few raised eyebrows when I wanted to do the same.  Not from my dad, though.  He never questioned my decision, and is always excited to hear about what I have going on with the dairy farmers I help now.  Not to mention he was always there to help with 4-H calves and never missed a dairy princess banquet.

One word to describe your dad and why you chose that word – go!

Zany!  I don’t know, it’s just the first thing that popped into my head.  I mean it in an endearing way.  I think you need to be a little bit weird to keep yourself from going insane when you are a farmer, a father of 5, and work off the farm as well.  Go Dad!

If you had the chance to say once last thing to your dad, what would it be?

Dad, thank you for always supporting me and standing by me—even when I wasn’t totally sure what I was doing.  I have not been the perfect daughter, but I feel like that never mattered to you.  I also so appreciate that you are always willing to help me in whatever way you can.  You are busy, but when I call on you for something, you always find a way to make sure I am taken care of.  I love you!

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