Christmas with a Farmer

Christmas for me is blowing up social media with pictures of my perfect nephew Alexander, being with my family and taking a nap after putting myself into a mashed potato and cookie food coma. However, in between all of those shenanigans I’m thanking each and every farmer out there who was responsible for having dinner on our table. I’m also realizing what a spoiled little turd I am for having it so easy during the holiday season, when there are men and women out there working 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure cows are happy and that you and I have food to eat.

Meet Jenna Smith. Not only is she one of the greatest people inside and out, she’s one of those hard working people who don’t get days off for the holidays. Here’s a glimpse into her Christmas.

My fiance Andrew’s family has dinner every year on Christmas eve.  Since it’s usually late until everyone finishes opening presents and visiting with each other,  we spend the night and then drive home on Christmas morning.  We’ve hit zero traffic the past four years and I’m hoping it always stays the same (it’s the little things!).

When I get home I start chores by taking care of our calves (while listening to my wireless radio because I’m ipod-less and I honestly really enjoy the radio). When I’m done feeding the calves, I head up to check on the cows. I have an added responsibility on Christmas day because the A. I. (artificial insemination) companies give their employees off, so I will have to breed any cows that are in heat.

Once I’m finished with that, I’ll go to my mom’s house to help her get ready for lunch with my family .  When we are done eating we open gifts, which is not many at my age now, but it’s always exciting to watch my neice, Lila, open the presents we got for her.  Even when I was little, we always had to wait until Dad was done at the barn to open our presents which most of the time was after lunch. After opening gifts and watching Lila, play with her new toys, its time to head to the barn again for evening chores. Although I’m not a fan of feeding calves in the dark, I love that I can see my cousins house all lit up with icicle lights while working during this time of year. Like I’ve said, it’s the small things in life that make a difference. I’m proud to a farmer who’s still working, even on Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!

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