#TransformationTuesday – Meet Emily!

emily goodman selfie

Emily is a fun-having gal who wanted to get in better shape… and that’s exactly what she’s doing. You can see the results in the picture, and those results came from hard work and dedication. You know what those results DIDN’T come with? Cutting out dairy.

She’s real, she’s fun, she’s spunky. She’s Emily. I hope you enjoy reading about her journey as much as I did!

  1. Introduce yourself!

HEY! My name is Emily Goodman! I am 23 years old and I am currently a walker for See Spot Walk in Baltimore! Trust me… I know what you’re thinking… a 23 year old dog walker?! There is NO money in that… but you would be very wrong. Not to mention I don’t even really care about the money right now. It’s totally worth it. Dogs are my passion… OBSESSION you could say.  I like dogs more than I like people! I graduated from Stevenson University in 2014 with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice… which all of my friends say suits me VERY well with my hard ass personality and “take no shit” attitude! But don’t worry I’m not always that way! I love to go out and have the most fun possible with all my friends! I love new experiences and if I could I would live at a tiki bar and lay on the beach every day! I would be happier than anything to be free on a beach!

  1. So you wanted to lose weight… why?

I didn’t necessarily want to lose weight so much as I wanted to tone up and lose that little extra layer of fat. I was never unhappy with my body but I did start to notice all the little imperfections that I needed to change. I used to eat whatever I wanted and just rely on my metabolism to take care of the waste but once that started to go I had to change.

  1. Tell us about your workout, diet, etc.

I have no real plans when it comes to my workout or diet. I know how to work out and tie in cardio to keep myself super active! I like to work on my problem areas the most and once I feel good I move on to the next area! I try to tie in cardio every time I work out, whether it’s getting on the elliptical or the stair climber or just running along the water in Canton! I lift weights the most because it makes me feel amazing! The moment I get to put on more weight and successfully lift it just makes it all worth it! Recently I have changed my diet slightly to cut out the really bad foods. I am slowly transitioning into a better diet without shocking my system. I drink at least one glass of milk every day for calcium. An ice cold glass of milk can be the best especially when you wake up and get ready for the day! I eat fruits and vegetables all the time and try to eat or take in as much protein as possible. Now don’t get me wrong… I eat fast food more than I should. But I also balance it out with extra workouts and lots of cardio! I am slowly but surely getting better and better with balance!

  1. Did you include dairy in your diet? If so, why?

I never once took dairy products out of my diet. I love it! I like to drink milk whenever I am not drinking water. It delicious! I love cheese like it is no one’s business. Dairy products will never be taken out of my diet because they enhance just about every meal!  They feed me the nutrients I need and let’s be honest… THEY ARE DELICIOUS!

  1. Do you have any advice out there for anyone else trying to complete their own #TransformationTuesday?

My only advice for anyone trying to get better would be to keep going even when it seems impossible. It doesn’t happen overnight and nothing worth having comes easy. We are all human and we all have our setbacks. As long as you get back on track and kick ASS in the gym or wherever you want to work out then there is no reason to give up! Keep going… The results are TOTALLY worth it!

emily goodman transformation

Left – Before ; Right – After

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