You’re a mean girl, Chipotle

You want to know what grinds my gears? When someone uses fear tactics, guilt and demeaning others to backup a point. Even worse? When it’s a point that they make with no credible resources and/or science and research to prove it. Saying you choose to NOT feed your family GMOs is not only offensive, it’s NOT something that makes you a better parent, friend, guardian or person than those who do.

GMOs have been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to help reduce the use of pesticides, increase production with less inputs (allowing us to focus on bettering the environment that we take from and depend on, God forbid) and it’s helping feed the world (decreasing poverty and starvation, how dare they?!). AND IT’S NOT LINKED TO HARMING HUMANS IN ANY WAY. Who made that crap up anyways?

Have we, as a society, become SO OBSESSED with being offended and seeking out the negative in the news, that we’ve scared ourselves without any science or proof to validate us peeing our pants? Do you really think Chipotle can go 100% GMO free? I’m gunna put my money “uh LOL no.” There are too many connections to GMO products that have been built OVER DECADES, that it’s not only seemingly possible, but it’s stupid (am I allowed to say stupid? Is that professional?). I like how this Forbes article phrased it:

“Where, then, does that leave Chipotle’s “no genetic modifcation” promise? That should limit their menu to wild berries, wild game, wild mushrooms, and wild-caught fish and shellfish. Virtually all of the other foods in our diets come from organisms that have been genetically modified in some way; and about three-quarters of the processed foods in American markets contain ingredients from organisms genetically engineered with molecular techniques.

I hope the chefs at Chipotle are cleverer than the people who run the company.

I would never accuse someone of not caring about their families or friends because of what GMO or non-GMO food products they feed them. It’s wrong and it’s OH so very inaccurate. I would ask that others do the same, until they have credible proof other than a niche market and stupid-crazy amounts of money these businesses (cough Chipotle cough) have made by putting fear into their consumers. Morals and values in the food they serve? Bologna – I’m not buyin it, burrito bowls.

You can feed their fire. I’m not. Chili’s has better guac anyways. And margaritas. Ciao Chipotle, you’re a mean girl.

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