#TransformationTuesday – Have your chocolate (milk) and have abs too

In the spirit of #TransformationTuesday I’ve been sharing stories of others who have changed their health for the better, while still including dairy in their diets. However, as a result of this, I’ve been challenged to “practice what I preach” and show that dairy is in fact, a staple in ANY diet.

Truth be told, (sticking my tongue out at you, non-believers) I have been practicing while preaching. During my senior year at college, I gained weight. Why? Because I was having way too much fun, and by fun, I mean mac and cheese pizza three times a week at 3 am (peer pressure is dangerous, kids). Between classes, parties and a job at a campus cafeteria, I didn’t make time for a gym OR a healthy diet. It just wasn’t in my agenda.

Once graduation rolled around and I moved home, I had time to kill before starting my new job. I thought, heck, why not use that family gym membership? I looked in the mirror and immediately thought “Oh good god…” I’m not going to sit here and sugar coat it; I was not happy with how I looked. I understand I wasn’t “fat” or “gross,” but by no means did I feel 100% confident in my appearance. So I decided to do something about it.

I began exercising, and watching what I ate. I even tried a juice cleanse (I quit two days in; my family is lucky they’re still alive… I was one hangry betch). But I began to drive myself crazy with calorie counting and skipping nights out with friends. It wasn’t healthy. I was more stressed trying to LOSE weight than I was when I was gaining weight (weird, right?). Something else that was negatively affecting me was my lack of dairy in my diet. Before you burn me at the stake for being a hypocrite, I have an explanation. Between the lactose intolerance and my obsession with improving my body, my dwindling dairy intake just kind of happened.

That’s when it hit me – what the hell was I doing? This isn’t good for me! I always told my friends, everything in moderation INCLUDING moderation, and I was doing the EXACT opposite. I stepped back, cooled my jets and realized something needed to change. By doing that, I’ve lost 15 pounds (I ate a lot of pizza with no regrets, OK GUYS) and I feel great in my clothes again.

To keep it short and sassy, I’m going to list the things that I credit my #TransformationTuesday to:

  • I stopped counting calories and instead just focused on controlling the number of times I ate french fries in a week. Driving yourself crazy over a number won’t help you lose weight, but will just bring down your self-confidence (no bueno, girlfriend!).
  • Dairy is now a HUGE part of my everyday workout/health routine. Yogurt and fruit, cheese as a snack, milk in my coffee – you name it, I consume it. I actually feel outta whack if I don’t get in a glass of chocolate milk after exercising… I swear by it! Click here to read up on the benefits of dairy for your body!
  • It’s not all about losing weight. Scales shouldn’t cause your stress and honey, when you feel good you look good!
  • Kayla Itsines. This chick has the GREATEST workouts. I’m serious. And she has an Australian accent so listening to her is super fun.
  • Group classes (Shout out to Point of Fitness!) and surrounding yourself with others who are there struggling right along with you makes a huge difference. It also makes dropping the f-bomb during a plank (sorry mom) a little less awkward when there’s someone next to you doing it too 😉
  • Imagine yourself as a role model. I always thought to myself, what if there are younger girls looking up to me? Am I setting a good example? Is what I’m doing, what I’d want someone I love doing, too? It’s not conceited or self-righteous to think of yourself like that, it’s just one hell of a tear-jerking motivation. Be the inspiration that someone needs! Empower one another! YEE HAW!
  • Last, and maybe most importantly, I only eat one piece of cake instead of the whole cake. That really made a difference. Weird…

So, friends, family, followers and  those who think I’m full of it – sometimes I am (usually when I’m telling a story from the previous night out on the town). But today, I’m not. Focusing on health made me a happier person. Dairy in my diet (and a great filter on pictures) gave me abs. Seriously. Go ahead and try dairy three times a day, every day, and make chocolate milk after your workout one of  them… I triple dog dare you!

Left - post college graduation  Right - how I look right meow

Left – post college graduation
Right – how I look right meow

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