Watch your tone, boy

Going through my computer bag this morning, (my dad calls it a black hole) I came across a pamphlet from a man I encountered at World Dairy Expo this past fall (yea… it was almost 3 months ago, don’t judge me).

For anyone who knows me, what I just said explained two of my clearest attributes…

  1. I’m always losing and re-finding things (sounds bad, but it’s fun when you find a pair of shoes you forgot about, it’s almost as exciting as buying a new pair, just cheaper!)
  2. I LIVE for the week spent at World Dairy Expo

World Dairy Expo is a time for dairy farmers, industry members and business men and women to come together. We’re all there to celebrate our love for the dairy industry and the beautiful cows that are in it. What we’re NOT there for is the bashing of “factory farming.” Except for one guy…

Entering into the Expo grounds, there was a man standing outside with a sign that read “Stop Factory Farming.” Outraged, I ignored my sister’s urge for me to “forget him.” So I stomped right on over to sass that man right off the grounds. However, when I approached him, the conversation was less dramatic:

Mr. Factory Farming: “Hi Miss, do you support factory farming?”

Me: “Do you know what factory farming is? Because I find your set up ignorant and rude at such an event, that showcases successful families and farms, large and small. Some that you may consider ‘factory farming’ in your vocabulary.”

Mr. Factory Farming: “You don’t know my case against factory farming. Take my handout.”

Me: “And I don’t want to. Have a nice day.”

After fuming on his case all day, I finally decided that it would be better to just read his handout and hear what he had to say. One, because it would help my argument against him, and two, to regain my sanity. When  I grabbed a handout leaving, I realized that he wasn’t anti farming. He was a leader of an organization that supported small farmers in Wisconsin. They believed larger, “corporate” farms took away profit opportunities away from them. But in the big picture, he was still a supporter of dairy farming.

Even though I still don’t agree with his opposing position that degrades “factory farming,” I was expecting someone who had the same values and opinions as a PETA-type organization. It was his tone and presentation of information that made me believe something that wasn’t necessarily true. Our encounter served as a reminder that sometimes, things don’t come out sounding the way you intended them to. Kind of how my jokes are never as funny as I think they will be…

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