The Good Guys

(Originally Published March 5, 2014)

In the industry of agriculture, it seems as though we are always fighting against negative images and media. Between Panera Bread’s “EZ Chicken” campaign and Chipotle’s new “Farmed & Dangerous” series on HULU, our social media timelines haven’t stopped buzzing with feedback. And in the case of my personal timeline, it’s all angry responses fighting for the rights for a positive image of farmers and their industries.

At this point, we know what everyone thinks of these two food companies. Basically, they suck for using fear-tactics in marketing and twisting information to misguide consumers who have no way of knowing any better. We can keep lashing out at those “I’m actually full of crap” businesses, or we can take a moment to step back and appreciate the good in life.
And by good in life, I’m talking about Culver’s. Culver’s is a (freaking delicious) restaurant based out of Wisconsin. They focus on family, sustainability, quality ingredients, the best deep fried cheese curds ever and above all else… giving thanks back to those who deserve it: FARMERS.
Check out Culver’s website or Twitter and you’ll see the constant reminder that they owe their success to the farmers who provided them with the high quality ingredients to make their beloved and delicious menu items (especially the milkshakes!). Any time I’m feeling discouraged in the fight for our right as farmers, I check out this Twitter campaign featuring some of Culver’s customers:
Never quit fighting for what you believe in… but don’t let that get in the way of supporting what you believe in. Now… cheese curds anyone?

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