Dedicated to Dairy – At the Family Creamery

(Originally Published June 8, 2014)
One of my favorite parts about the dairy industry is the variety of delicious products that milk can make (including milk itself!). Especially in June, what’s better than an excessively large ice cream cone after a long day at work? Not much.

Here is my interview with Jaylene Lesher, family member of Way-Har Farms, who helps run the family creamery.

Q1. Introduce yourself!

I’m Jaylene Lesher and I call Way-Har Farms LLC my home and family’s business.

Q2. How are you dedicated to dairy ? 

I am the fourth generation of the Lesher family to work on the dairy farm. I contribute to all parts of the farm and store by helping milk the cows, raise calves, haul silage, and run errands for the store. My dairy roots motivates me to promote the true story of agriculture to consumers and fellow students at Penn State.

Q3. Can you tell us a little bit about your family business?

In 1970 my grandfather and great uncle, Wayne and Harold Lesher respectively, opened a dairy store where they bottled the milk produced at the farm. Way-Har Farms’ two main products were farm fresh milk and ice cream. Today, Way-Har Farm Market offers milk, chocolate milk, sixty flavors of ice cream, a variety of baked goods, and a deli. Everybody in the family pitches into the business by helping make the ice cream, deliver milk to restaurants, and pick-up supplies.

Q4. What do you like most about being involved with your family business?  

With so much to do in a family owned dairy farm and creamery, it’s hard to pick my favorite part! Taking care of new born calves, tasting ice cream fresh from the batch freezer, and handing a delicious cone of ice cream to a happy customer are the various highlights of my days.

Q5. What’s your favorite product in your creamery? 

Some customer favorites found at Way-Har are the chocolate milk, peanut butter ice cream, and peanut butter eggs. You will have to stop by and try them yourself to discover why our customers rave these products! My personal favorite products at the store are the peach ice cream and coffee cakes.

Q6. If you could tell the public one thing about your involvement in the dairy industry, what would it be?
If there was one thing I could share with the general public about the dairy industry, I would share that there is no greater source about food than farmers. If you ever have a question about your food, simply ask a farmer in your community!
jaylene lesher

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