We’re Getting Closer…

(Originally Published July 24, 2013)

So who read Dairy Carrie’s response to Panera Bread’s “EZ Chicken” campaign? Judging by  the 14,000 views and shares (and STILL counting) she received, I think it would be easier to ask who didn’t read the blog.

Well, my friends, I would like to say YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME. With the incredible response from farmers and friends, Panera Bread has apologized for the campaign. But here’s the kicker….

IT’S A COMMENT. On a picture. An EZ Chicken picture… THAT THEY HAVEN’T DELETED YET.

Ok, so thanks for the apology Panera, but is this sincere? Not in my book. And not in any “lazy farmer” book either. And then you go and put up an Antibiotic-Free Answers post with MORE FALSE ADVERTISING. Really? What are you doing. Let’s be honest. Dairy Carrie said it best, “You are biting the hand that feeds you.” I can’t wait to see what people respond to that lovely addition to your website.

Despite the lack of sincerity, what we’ve done folks, is miles above incredible. And it’s inspired me to turn this blog into a “hub” for what we have to say. There are so many people with blogs who don’t get enough views, or writers with great material but no blog to post it on. So I’m calling out to you, fellow lazy farmers. If you have a blog already written that I can share a link to or want me to post a your piece as guest blog, tell me! I want everyone to hear what you have to say. Email me, call me, text me, Facebook me, whatever. Just help me, help you, in promoting dairy positives.

Bloggin out,


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