TRUE LIFE: Organic … A lifestyle, not a health choice

(Originally Published September 22, 2013)

The old Becca used to hear the word organic and just laugh in a person’s face and say “You’re stupid.” The new and improved Becca, however, has learned to step back and look at both sides of anything and everything agriculture…. including the organic industry.

Or maybe the new Becca is just better at hiding her eye rolls previously directed towards people buying into the “healthy” organic section at a grocery store… or maybe not.

Let’s take a walk through Wegmans, the best grocery store in the whole wide world. Why is it the best ever? BECAUSE I FINALLY FOUND HONEY CRISP APPLES. AT WEGMANS. But wait, hold the excitement because this chick missed the (what I like to think was) fine print on the sign… these Honey Crisp apples weren’t just any apples. They were ORGANIC Honey Crisp apples.

Even better huh? Sooo much better that when I was paying for my groceries the cashier was kind enough to say “Uhm, ma’am do you realize that these organic apples are going to cost you $13.98?”

After I brushed off the “ma’am” comment (I’m 21 years old… stop it) I realized that I was about to pay $13.98 for 6 apples…. in case you hate math like the rest of the entire human race, that’s $2.33 per apple. Unless there are fireworks that go off in the background and shirtless pool boys that fan me while I’m eating this apple, I’m gunna go ahead and say that price is bullshit.

But, some would argue with me that I’m paying that extra amount of money to be healthy. I didn’t pay for the “healthier” choice. I just paid for that organic “lifestyle” that people are confusing with some sort of health trend. What I don’t quite understand is where people got this whole “organic is healthier” concept.. SINCE WHEN?!

I’m open to anything and I love to hear other opinions and thoughts. But if you want me to buy into your case, there better be cold hard facts supporting it. Sure, some woman with way too much time and money on her perfectly manicured hands told you that buying that organic green pepper is going to change your life. But why is it healthier? Because it’s more expensive than the “regular” version? Organic products are expensive because of the added expenses along the supply chain, not because of and added “value.” If just once someone provided me with credible research and studies that organic is healthier, then I’d listen.

But until then, my money supports “regular” products. And in case anyone is wondering, those $2.33 Honey Crisp apples? BIG SURPRISE.. They taste like apples. No fireworks or marching band to follow a mouth watering experience. Just apples with an outrageous price tag that left this broke college student with an empty wallet and disappointed taste buds.

Bloggin out,


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