The almightly ‘Double C’ – Culture and Coworkers

(Originally Published June 25, 2013)

I am always shocked at those who underestimate the power behind great coworkers and culture of a business. Personally, I believe that has just as powerful of an influence on a career as the work itself. Who wants to spend their life dreading the office or cringing at the thought of fellow employees?

Find somewhere that “fits” you. What do you like? Do you like wearing a suit and tie every day or are you more of a jean-wearing professional casual kinda person? How about the location. Is it in an area you can see yourself living in? Do you like big cities or would you feel more comfortable in a family suburb type of location? All legitimate questions to ask yourself when pondering… is this job for me?

Something that I think makes or breaks a job is the people you work with. Think about this: do you want to be friends with your coworkers or do you not mix work with play? Does your company have sports teams and baseball tailgates? Sure, you’re always going to have those people you’ll never agree with.. that’s inevitable. But what you do have (a little more) control over is the type of people you choose to surround yourself with.

Don’t get me wrong, having a career in field your passionate about is a no-brainer. But sometimes… it’s the little things that matter 🙂

culture 4                                                         culture 3 culture 2


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