(Originally Published August 12, 2013)

In Response to the Butter Cow being vandalized….

You want respect, and that’s understandable. We all do. But is this really the way to go about it? You don’t see any of us building a tofu vegan sculpture and burning it to the ground at one of your Iowans for Animal Liberation meetings.

So what’s the problem here? Are we closed minded people, us modern-day dairy farmers and agriculturists? That must be why we are so upset and don’t understand why what you did was totally OK.

I get it. We have different opinions. You think eating those poor little animals is cruel. You have the freedom to think that. But hey, guess what? I ALSO have the freedom to eat whatever the hell I want and not feel bad about it. Dumping “blood” on a butter cow is not proving a point, it’s just making you look like a (for lack of a better term) jackass.

What the group has to say for themselves blows my mind.
Animal Liberation Front supporter Jerry Vlasak, however, praised the vandalism of the butter cow as a “reminder that there are people opposed to the eating of meat and dairy and that the meat and dairy industry is inordinately cruel.”

“After dismantling the lock to the refrigerated case housing the Butter Cow with a screwdriver, we doused the entire butter sculpture in red paint,” the email said. “The paint represents the blood of 11 billion animals murdered each year in slaughterhouses, egg farms, and dairies.”

 No Such Thing As a Vegan

Now, I didn’t say there is “no such thing as a vegan.” But unless you eat dirt and lick the sidewalk puddles when you’re thirsty… It’s going to be pretty hard.
To be perfectly honest, you can be whoever you want and you can believe whatever you want. But if you expect others to listen to you and take you seriously, you’ve gotta earn that R-E-S-P-E-C-T the right way. So how about this, you replace the “blood” on innocent butter sculptures and replace it with credible research and weekly meetings to discuss your findings on how mean we are to our animals. Because I know for a fact I hate cows and I treat my animals badly…

…or not

Bloggin out,



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