Got Milk? Cause you need it!

(Originally Published February 18, 2014)

If there is one thing that gets under my skin, it’s ignorance and stupidity. When people preach “facts” that aren’t really facts. I mean, who are we, to go around spreading around information that is 100% complete and total crap? Well that seems to be the theme of whatever poor lost soul posted the image and facts with Got Milk? Throw it away.


While I wish I could find the evil culprit behind this stone cold, false, wrong and crappy junk, I would like to set this mystery punk straight. Here’s a few REAL facts about milk, nature’s most perfect food.

1. Milk is dairy, and dairy is irreplaceable in your diet. Without dairy, you are depriving your body of essential nutrients it needs to survive. Whether it’s milk, yogurt in a breakfast smoothie or string cheese as an afternoon snack, these products provide magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and 48% of your daily value of protein… ever heard of Osteoporosis? You should probably start pouring a glass of milk with dinner and sprinkling a little extra cheese on your pasta.

2. Not only is dairy an essential part of your diet, it’s beneficial to other aspects of health and wellness as well. From now on, when you work out (or look at the equipment and consider that exercise like I do) have a glass of white or chocolate (my favorite) milk afterwards. Your abs at the beach will thank me in a few months.

3. If you’re not convinced that milk is important, maybe you need to think about some of the kids in your life. It doesn’t matter if their your own children, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, students… they’re a part of the 100% of children who need the bone-building calcium and other nutrients in milk their bodies need to survive.

4. So you only like chocolate milk? That’s totally ok. Chocolate milk is still just as beneficial. In fact over the last 5 years the added sugar in flavored milk has been reduced from 4 tsp to 2.4 tsp per serving.

5. If you are a low fat or fat free kind of person, there are lots of dairy items available that fit your diet requirements. There are also lactose free products, and I’m not talking about almond or soy milk (throw that shit out). I’m lactose intolerant actually, and according to every doctor I’ve ever talked to it takes 4-6 hours for someone to react to dairy, not 30 minutes, in case you’re wondering about this milk hater’s credibility. The lactose free options are just as satisfying and provide your body with what it needs, and are still real dairy products.

6. Fun fact: If you cut dairy out of your diet, think twice. Instead of three glasses of cold, delicious milk, you’re going to have to replace that same amount of calcium with 21 cups of chopped broccoli. Unless you’re a rabbit, that’s not enjoyable. And if you think that sounds appetizing, drop what you’re doing and go eat a cupcake, NOW.

6. Now for the touchy subject… hormones. All milk has a very small amount of hormones. But hey, want to know something funny? Milk from cows who are treated with the hormone rBST show the same normal range of hormones in their milk as a cows that have NOT been treated with rBST. Says who, you ask? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and other respected and trustworthy health organizations say so.

7. Why is rBST used? Some farmers give it to their cows as a tool to help them produce more milk. However, some milk companies have started offering rBST free milk, NOT because it is healthier. ONLY because it is in response to what the market is demanding. Milk, with rBST or rBST free, is wholesome, nutritious, safe AND YOU SHOULD JUST DRINK IT OK.

Milk comes from the cows on our farms to you consumers as a delicious, fresh, pure and SAFE product that ensures the health and well being of your body. Next time someone is slamming a soda and tells you to ditch the milk, you should probably just ditch them.

Wanna know more about what I’ve told you? Check out these sources:

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