Dairy Around the World: Peru

(Originally Published August 7, 2031)
I’ll admit I’ve been a little “culturally spoiled.” I’ve traveled a lot, to nine countries in fact. Canada (if it counts), Costa Rica, Ireland, England, France, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Fun fact? They’ve all been dairy related trips. 
However, there is one place I’ve never been… Peru. That’s where Emma Andrew comes in. Emma, former New York State Dairy Princess, is just busy traveling through the world of dairy. First stop, Peru! I’m just here to share her story 🙂
Bloggin out,
Dairy Around the World: Peru
By Emma Andrew
So, I just got back from Peru and I am having serious dairy farm withdrawal. Why, you might ask? Well it’s due to the fact Dairy Farms aren’t really present in Peru. In fact, they are importing 25% of their milk from Argentina and Holland. I am dying to get my hands on a cold glass of milk (would asking for cookies be pushing it?). The problem is, 25% is not a huge number, and there were no farms where I was living in Cusco. The majority of the farms were located outside Lima and in Arequipa.
However, let me take a second to rewind. Why was I having dairy withdrawal? Well, let me tell you  that nine weeks is the longest that I have ever been separated from my cows, the dairy farm, the surprisingly comforting smell of manure, tractors and anything that has to do with dairy farming.Though it was a a challenge for this farm girl, I made it!
Even though it was tough being away from everything I was familiar with, I know how it is important to see the good and every situation. Seeing the dairy industry in Peru made me realize how blessed New York State is to have so many wonderful dairy farms. In fact, New York has over 8,000 dairy farms and roughly 98% of them are family owned. Many people take for granted the wonderful dairy and agriculture industries we have in New York, myself included.
In closing, I want you to go out and enjoy the wonderful agricultural around you. If you live in the city, take the time to go and visit a farm. I can say with confidence that you won’t regret it. So, enough “chatty kathy” for now, this girl is headed out to the barn to final get her fix of dairy!

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